Welcome to the iBAWP Wiki.

Who is iBAWP?

A group of BAWP TCs dedicated to furthering the mission of BAWP by creating professional development opportunities involving meaningful technology and Web 2.0 integration weaved into the learning and teaching of writing.

iBAWP’s Current Goals and Progress

1. To use new digital communication and publishing tools in our educational communities (classroom, etc.) and report reflections and findings through professional development and teaching demonstration opportunities.
  • iBAWP members have been seeking out the most helpful training, reflecting on our group mission, and developing our classroom technology integration practice.
  • The history of the group can be traced at our current wiki at http://ibawp.wikispaces.com.
  • iBAWP will be sharing our current projects at our first annual Teacher Tech Fest on May 31, 2008, at Life Academy, Oakland.
2. To participate as an iBAWP mentor through the BAWP web site, listserv, and/or instant messaging format.
  • iBAWP members are piloting an online Bay Area Writing Project Discussion Forum, hosted through National Writing Project interactive (NWPi).
3. To recruit and train more iBAWPers for the maintenance and development of BAWP-sponsored multimedia publications (e.g. Digital Paper, Young Writers’ Camp, web site features).
  • Modeling itself on the collaborative management of BAWP’s Digital Paper, iBAWP hopes to use the currently under construction web site to highlight both teacher and student work in an interactive environment.

iBAWP’s Background

As iBAWP mentor and inspiration, Patrick Delaney, always says, our greatest challenges are “time, infrastructure, and support.” iBAWP was started a few years after an influx of Technology Initiative money enabled a large group of BAWP TCs to learn digital storytelling from the Pearson Foundation (see BAWP TI for the progenitor of this wiki). As time and money was spent, three past and present technology liaisons – Patrick Delaney, Evan Nichols, and Stacy Uyeda – decided to tighten the focus on a smaller group of TCs. Sustainability and continuous updating of our tech integration skills represent some of our most important challenges.

iBAWP Team

• Stacy Uyeda, Technology Liaison (Albany Middle, Albany)
• Patrick Delaney, Associate Director (Galileo Academy, San Francisco)
• Evan Nichols, Digital Paper Editor (Sequoia Elementary, Oakland)
• Elisa Salasin, Digital Paper Photo Editor (GSE, UC Berkeley)
• Clifford Lee, Young Writers’ Camp Editor (Life Academy, Oakland)
• G. Reyes (Youth Roots, Oakland, and GSE, UC Berkeley)
• Leslie Moitoza (formerly of West Contra Costa Unified)
• Marna Blanchard (James Lick Middle School, San Francisco)
• Michelle McAfee (Park Day School, Oakland)
• Regina Woodard (Holden High School, Orinda)
• Stephanie Robillard (Westlake Middle, Oakland)
• Yumi Matsui (Life Academy, Oakland)